Math Summer Camp 2024

**This activity is the continuation of the Math Summer Camp organized by Càtedra Mir-Puig-CELLEX at FME-UPC until 2023**

APOTEMA organizes a one week math summer camp (MSW) which will take place at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. The aim of the camp is that students who attend it will live together for a few days with new friends, share new ideas, and provide a new outlook on mathematics and neighbouring disciplines.

You can find more information on the structure of the Summer Camp here.

MSW is a great opportunity to enhance skills and knowledge. Advanced mathematical concepts will be presented in a way that is challenging yet still accessible. Students will also be trained on how to approach problems and will have the opportunity to develop their group problem solving skills.

Key points
* For talented students of high school.
* We offer 20 places.
* Dates: beginning June 25th; ending 1st July, 2024.
* The working language will be English.
* The program features mini-courses and plenary talks (TBA).
* Sessions will be developed at the Facultat de Matemàtiques i Estadística at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
* All students will be hosted in a hostel near the university.

* There will be some grants covering the fees, booking and an electronic device to attend the MSW, available at the application form.
* Students in the 1 st BATX and 4 th ESO will be prioritized.

Registration fee: 500 euros. We will also offer grants.


Application form: April 15 – May 24. The application is now closed.

Selection process: May 27 – May 29.

Resolution: May 31. We will contact all applications during 3-4 June.